BMW unveils 2018 car of the year

BMW announced today that its new BMW M5 will be the 2017 car of its brand, becoming the first car of a BMW brand since the M1 was introduced in 2005.BMW said it will celebrate the milestone in its new M5 car, the M5X.

The brand is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the M4, the first M car to be produced in a BMW factory, and the 100-year anniversary of its M model.

The brand said it is making the car a bit smaller, using more aluminium to achieve a “more compact and modern” design.BMWs M model, introduced in 2015, has been lauded for its aerodynamic prowess and durability, and has become a symbol of BMW’s design ethos.

Its first iteration was the M3, which was sold to the public for $23,400 in 2016, but it was discontinued.

It was replaced by the M6, which launched in 2021, but was discontinued in 2019.BMD will show off the new M 5X at the 2018 New York auto show.