Malaysia’s biggest car maker Ricks has been awarded the contract to sell a $25 million fleet of four electric cars to the Middle East.

By RICK SEGARIAN and RICK BOURNEA, Associated PressIn an industry where the buzzword for electric vehicles has been “faster, cleaner, more affordable” the Malaysia’s electric car manufacturer Ricks, known as KK, has secured the contract.

The Malaysian government awarded the deal to Ricks last year, saying it was needed to improve efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, according to a press release from the ministry of industry.

It is part of an overall goal to increase electric vehicle sales by 30% by 2025, the press release said.

The Ricks announcement came as the global auto market was in flux.

Last month, BMW and Audi, the top-selling brands in the world, announced they were ending production of their electrified cars in 2020, and that they would sell them to other automakers.

In the Middle Eastern country, KK is also the largest car maker in the Middle Economic Zone, which includes Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel and Egypt.

It operates a fleet of 2,200 vehicles in the region.KKK has said it will sell its cars in the UAE, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.