When NFL’s ‘Big Three’ start talking about trade deadline, will they be a threat?

The NFL is in a “buyer’s market” right now, which means there’s plenty of time to get involved in some free-agent deals before the trade deadline.

However, some teams might be looking to make some deals before then, especially as they begin to see what the market is doing with their draft picks.

According to NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport, there are a couple of teams who have already made their intentions known.

“The Browns, who are going to the draft with the top pick, have been talking to a couple teams and have talked to other teams,” Rapoports reported.

“They’re hoping to get a couple big contracts and they’re hoping that a couple other teams are going too.

That’s kind of the same approach that other teams have taken with the draft, but they’re going to have to wait until they get there.”

The Browns have already selected quarterback Josh McCown in the first round, but the team has also been linked to several other quarterbacks.

One such name is Ohio State’s Cardale Jones, who is a very well-rounded player and could make a nice addition to any team’s offense.

The Browns also have an open need at running back, as Cleveland is expected to lose Trent Richardson to the Houston Texans, and there’s also interest in Tennessee’s Jeremy Hill.

If the Browns are able to add Jones, they could be in a position to potentially take a quarterback in the upcoming draft, and could be a candidate to take on some of the quarterback competition.

Other teams that are looking to take advantage of the free-agency period include the Jets, Chargers, Panthers, and Panthers.

The Jets have been linked previously to former Patriots running back LeGarrette Blount, who could be looking for a new home.

“As far as the Jets going after Blount this year, they have talked with the Steelers, they’ve talked with Raiders, they talked to Chiefs, they’re looking to get Blount,” Rapopsort said.

“And the Jets are hoping to have some sort of deal done before the deadline, because if you can make a deal, they will be a force in free agency.”

The Jets could also be looking at former Dolphins running back Mark Ingram, who has the ability to compete with Blount for a starting job.

If Blount decides to retire and Ingram decides to join him, the Jets could be interested in trading for the former Bengal, who would likely be a top-five pick.

In terms of potential deals, the Browns have an opening to make, but it’s still unclear if they’ll be able to move on with their picks.

The NFL’s offseason schedule will open in earnest on Wednesday, December 16.

RapopORT reports that the Cowboys, 49ers, Cardinals, and Titans will begin the 2017 season on the road in the NFL Championship Game.

The Seahawks and Texans are also scheduled to take part in the game, which will be televised on ESPN and will air on FOX.