‘I think I’m in trouble’: Former Uber driver faces life in jail for murdering his girlfriend

The Delhi High Court on Monday directed Uber to pay a woman who claimed to have killed her former partner in a rage after the two met in a taxi cab.

The case, filed by the woman’s husband, is one of several involving Uber drivers accused of committing the crime.

Uber’s lawyers argued the Uber driver should be released on bail to await trial.

“It was a matter of fact that Mr. Dhananjayan (the driver) had hit and killed his girlfriend.

But, the trial court held that the defendant’s wife had committed the crime,” Justice B S Yeddyurappa told the court.

Dhananjanan was arrested last month for allegedly murdering his former partner Raghunath Kaur.

A police officer allegedly recovered her body from a garbage dump in south Delhi on December 13, 2014.

The woman had alleged that she had gone to Kaur’s house after a dispute and the couple argued, before the couple’s marriage broke down.

She had alleged she and Dhanvan had been having a falling out over a new mobile phone and had allegedly taken out a gun against her.

The woman claimed Dhanans family, who lives in the same house, was also present in the house.

The court on Monday also directed Uber and the police to pay the woman Rs 15 lakh.

Uber has denied the charges and has said the company would contest the case in the Supreme Court.