How to spot a fake online retailer

I was browsing through Amazon’s e-commerce platform, and I was surprised to see that it didn’t appear to have any “shopping carts” section, and instead, it had an “Amazon Wish List” section.

I thought it might be a scam, so I clicked on it and searched for an item, only to find that it was an item that was already in my Wish List.

I clicked “Next,” but I was immediately told to “create an account.”

I clicked, and was redirected to the “Add to Wish List,” and then I got a confirmation message, asking me to enter my shipping address.

I went ahead and did that, and clicked “submit,” and the seller confirmed that the item was available for purchase.

The seller was offering the item for $59.99, so if you’re thinking about buying something for $50, I suggest you take the bait.

There is no way that this is real.

The “Amazon Seller” app on the Amazon App Store has an “Add To Wish List Now” button.

It was the seller who was offering me the item, so my only option is to buy it.

I can’t believe Amazon wouldn’t provide me with an “official” account.

It’s just too much work to add a PayPal account.