Why Canada Shouldn’t Pay for Gasoline Taxes

Guelph, ON – As gas prices continue to spike, Ontario’s Liberal government should not be paying for new gasoline taxes.

Ontario’s Finance Minister, Deb Matthews, said Tuesday that she wants to put the province’s economy first, not its own citizens.

She made her remarks after meeting with provincial Liberal Party leaders, who said they were not willing to pay a higher gas tax.

The Liberal Party, however, said the government should be willing to negotiate to lower the price of gas and get it to the average Canadian household.

The Liberals say they want to bring down the cost of gas, which has doubled in price in the last five years.

But the NDP, the opposition to the Liberals, has said Ontario should not have to pay higher taxes, and the Liberals have made a series of contradictory statements about their plans.

The New Democrats have accused the Liberals of “failing to meet their commitments” to lower Ontario’s gas taxes.

Matthews said Tuesday she is not “satisfied” with the way the Liberal government has handled the situation.

“The government of Ontario has done a fantastic job with this situation,” she said.

Matthews also said that the Liberals do not want to raise taxes on small businesses and other small business owners. “

There’s no way that the government of the province should be going into this situation with a budget in hand that’s not paying for gas.”

Matthews also said that the Liberals do not want to raise taxes on small businesses and other small business owners.

But she added that the “government of Ontario should look at its own fiscal position and see what kind of revenue it could generate.”

Matthews said that there is a long-term deficit and a significant shortfall in government spending.

“This is an issue that we’ve had in Ontario for decades, and this is a crisis that we have to deal with,” she added.

“I think there’s going to be a long, difficult and difficult conversation, but I’m optimistic that we’re going to find a way to work through this.”

The Liberals have said that they are willing to reduce the gas tax to a level that is not significantly higher than the average Ontario household.

They have also said they are looking at reducing the corporate tax rate from 15 per cent to 13 per cent and the individual tax rate to 12 per cent.

In a recent budget speech, the Liberals said that in the short-term, they would be looking at lowering the corporate rate to 10 per cent from the current 15 per per cent, as well as increasing the personal tax rate.

The government has also said it would look to cut taxes on some businesses.

But they have not yet said what the level of the taxes they would reduce should be.