Autos selling on Amazon in Europe

European auto sales volume fell by 10% in April, according to data from the European Auto Dealers Association.

The sector, which accounts for about 30% of the market, has seen a sharp decline in sales over the past three months.

The industry is expected to contract by about 3.2% in 2019.

The drop in sales follows the steep decline in February, when Amazon’s online shopping services fell to an all-time low of just 5 million transactions.

Auto sales have been growing steadily for several years, though it took years for the sector to gain traction, according the Association.

Auto makers have struggled to keep pace with new technology, which makes the vehicles more accessible and convenient to buy.

In April, Amazon began offering free shipping on many items, including cars and home goods, for the first time.

Auto manufacturers have also been struggling with the impact of the Brexit vote on their products, with sales of cars dropping more than 10% last month, according Auto Industry Association chief executive Peter van der Zee.

“I think the biggest issue that has been affecting sales and prices is the uncertainty that has occurred following Brexit,” van der Wiel said in an interview.

“There is no question that the UK will be a different place for the next few years.

It’s a difficult time to be in Europe, a difficult environment to be there.”

He said the industry could lose an estimated 8,000 jobs as a result.