Best auto marketing: ‘We’re a digital brand’ – ‘We are the only one that does it’

The German carmaker BMW is making a comeback with a new ad campaign, which highlights the company’s unique digital marketing and digital identity, which has the potential to transform the automotive market.

The new campaign, titled “A New Vision” (see above), features a group of five car owners in a studio-like environment, and the cars are shown driving to and from the shops.

Each of them is shown in a car dealership’s lobby, and each has an autobahn-style sign on their windshield that reads “A BMW”.

One of the five car drivers asks the driver-of-the-year: “How can I help you in your new project?”

BMW replies, “It is not easy to start a new project.

You will need to start from scratch.

We know that we are the first car manufacturer in the world to offer a new vision.”

Another of the drivers says, “I’m not sure how to help you because I am not very good with cars.”

The car dealership replies, with a laugh, “But the vision is your problem.”

BMW, the company behind the i3, has been doing this sort of ad campaign for years.

And the new ad has already earned the company millions of dollars.

The company says it has a “unique and strong vision” to change the way people see cars.

“We’re proud of this new strategy because we believe that we have the most innovative vehicle marketing strategy in the industry,” BMW CEO Oliver Blume said.

The company will be launching an online campaign this year to promote the brand’s new vision.