How to spot fake car sales ads – The best and worst

When you look at the real estate listings on real estate websites like Homejoy, it becomes obvious that the vehicles in the ads are not real, according to a new study by the real-estate industry group ADP.

The study, which surveyed more than 2,000 sellers across the country, found that most of the real sales vehicles were sold by dealers, with only a few sales vehicles being used as real estate agents.

In some cases, buyers had no idea what was in the ad and had no way of knowing whether they were getting a vehicle from a real estate agent.ADP found that more than one-third of the ad listings were created by brokers or other business owners, with the remainder by a third party.

The ads typically use the same basic images, but in some cases the buyer is shown a video of the vehicle in action, and the seller’s real estate sales pitch is used as the main message.

In another example, a seller would show a video in which the seller talks about how the car was built, and a video that shows the car’s driving capabilities is used to persuade the buyer to purchase the car.

The ad industry groups ADP and the National Association of Home Builders said in a statement that buyers need to be able to identify the real vehicle they are buying from real estate brokers.

The ads are sometimes designed to appeal to the buyer’s general interests, like “a great value car, a good value deal,” or “a nice car for the money,” ADP said.

In many cases, the ad was advertised to the same buyer multiple times.

One ad included a picture of a family member of the seller with the words “family car,” and another included a video with a woman standing behind the car saying “I’m here to show you how great this car is.”

Some of the ads included the word “home” in their titles, and some ads even used the word as an adjective, like an “outstanding home.”

In one case, the seller of a vehicle said that the vehicle was the original home of a woman who died in a car accident and was still selling it.

Another ad included the car as a model in a series of photos.

The real estate industry groups said that buyers who do not identify their real estate deals are more likely to be disappointed and are more inclined to give up on the car they are looking at.