Google is testing a new auto marketing system that lets users upload photos of their pets to the service

Google is planning to launch a new app for sharing photos of pets with other people, according to sources.

The Google Auto-Marketing Solution, which has been in development since late 2016, is said to be available in the UK and Australia.

Google is said at this stage to be testing the new app in the US and the European Union.

“This is not a feature we are announcing at this time,” a Google spokesperson told the BBC.

“We’re currently working on the product to make it even better and we’re working closely with other brands to ensure the service is the best for you and your pets.”

The company said it is committed to creating a safe and secure environment for users and to ensure that people can use Google AutoMarketing Solutions securely.

“To this end, we’re actively working with brands to help them understand and support their customers needs,” the spokesperson added.

“Google has a strict policy of privacy and security which we will continue to uphold.”

Google has been testing AutoMarkers since at least 2015, and is expected to roll out the product in the coming months.

Google’s Auto-Market service has previously been tested in the Philippines, but only in English.

The service is reportedly a part of the Google Plus mobile app and the Chrome browser.

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