The New York Times Editorial Board’s Top 10 Picks for 2018

The New Yorker, “Why It’s Time to Start Picking Up the Pieces” , by Ben Shapiro, September 14, 2018The New Yorker , “How the New York Post Became a Political Issue” , By Michael Barbaro, September 17, 2018CNN, “Trump’s Russia scandal and its fallout: A review” , article, September 20, 2018Fox News, “Is the New England Patriots the best team in the AFC?

, by Jesse Beringer, September 21, 2018ESPN, “ESPN The Magazine Cover: 2017” , Article, September 24, 2018CBS News, NewsBiz: The Year in Football (Book) , by Michael Rosenberg, September 25, 2018Associated Press, “Tough news for NFL fans: ESPN’s Brett Favre will retire at the end of this season” , Associated Press, September 27, 2018″What the New Orleans Saints should do to keep Tom Brady, and what they should do with the contract of their own quarterback.”

, by John Heilemann, September 29, 2018USA Today, “A new era for the NFL” , USA Today, September 30, 2018ABC News, New York, “The most dangerous time for NFL players” , ABC News, October 1, 2018Getty Images, “Giants QB Eli Manning: It’s time to stop talking about ‘retirement’ .”

, by Josh Guttman, October 2, 2018NFL Players Association, “Statement on Brett Favres retirement” , NFLPA, October 3, 2018Randy Wolf, “NFL players ‘ready to fight’ for Goodell as commissioner” , Fox News, November 1, 2017ESPN, The New England Massacre , article , November 4, 2018CNBC, “CNBC: NFL owners agree to pay $1.6 billion for players’ contracts” , CNBC, November 5, 2018NHL Network, “Will the NHL Players’ Association’s demands for more compensation be met?”

, NHL Network, November 6, 2018FOX Sports, “Can the NFL do more to help the children of America?

” , FOX Sports, November 7, 2018NBC Sports, ESPN, “Doesn’t this show the NFL’s true face?

News, NFL’s Brett: ‘I’ll be there for you, I’m ready for battle” , E! “

NFL Players Union Says It’s Not Going to Pay Players’ Contract Increases” , AP, December 11, 2018Reuters, “New York Times: New York City’s Super Bowl LI could end up costing taxpayers $2.3 billion” , Reuters, December 13, 2018Tucker Carlson, “Nashville Predators’ new owners agree $1 billion over 2 years for team, owner says” , Tucker Carlson, December 14, 2017CBS News , “NFL’s Brett Williams ‘ready for battle’ in battle for compensation” , CBS News, December 16, 2018Sports Illustrated, “Inside the NFL, the New CBA: How the league got to this point” , Sports Illustrated, December 17, 2017The Boston Globe, “Madden NFL 18 will launch this fall” , The Boston Globe , December 18, 2018PBS NewsHour, “Brett Favre: I’ll be back to take the field at Super Bowl 50” , PBS NewsHour , December 19, 2018E!

News, NFL’s Brett: ‘I’ll be there for you, I’m ready for battle” , E!

News , December 20, 2017CNN, ESPN’s Jim Trotter, “Favre: NFL players ‘can’t wait to go home’ ” article , ESPN, December 22, 2018Newsday, “Worst-kept secret: NFL’s highest-paid player” , Newsday, December 23, 2018AP, “Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim says players should ‘go home’ in NFLPA letter” ,, December 24, 2017New York Daily News, Bills’ Jairus Byrd to miss Buffalo Bills’ preseason opener due to back injury article , NY Daily News , January 6, 2019NFL Players’ Assn.: Players, coaches, and teams must be allowed to negotiate contract extensions with other teams, via Associated Press article , NFL Players’ ASSN.

, January 8, How to avoid the fallout from NFLPA ‘s antitrust suit over contracts , ESPN , January 9, 2019Getty Images , “Colin Kaepernick’s lawsuit is a step toward winning a spot on the NFLPA ballot” , Getty Images , January 10, 2019Associated Press , “Punishment is coming for NFL commissioner Roger Goodell” , New York Daily Post , January 11, 2019″NFLPA chief: Goodell must take action to enforce antitrust law, not ‘let it pass’ ” – NFLPA , by Scott Barrett, January 13, 2019Reuters, New England: How a $1bn payout to former players may affect their chances of reaching an agreement on a

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